Jubilee Sunset Romance

by Deborah McDonald
Florence Smith is an educator in a theme park in Alabama who lost her fiancé in a tragic wreck. Riley Simmons is the owner who grew up in the park and inherited it from his uncle. She, along with her mom and sister, experienced abuse at the hands of her father’s brother. Riley lost his dad when he was ten years old. A kind policeman helped Florence, her sister and mother escape the abuse when the girls were young and he put their uncle behind bars. Riley’s Uncle Frank helped him cope with the loss of his father by helping run the theme park. Working together, Riley and Florence begin to have feelings for each other. Will they be able to establish a relationship and have a future together when the past comes back to haunt her? Can Florence move on with the memories of her loss in order to love again? With the theme park as the setting, will the couple be able to escape the danger looming before them or will they be strong enough to have a future? Good friends and family surround the couple with encouragement, humor and help in times of crises to lead them closer to love.